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How to Recognize Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. The Central Nervous System comprises the brain and spinal cord. It is commonly referred to as MS. MS seems to affect more women than men and occurs mostly in the Northern US, Northern Europe, Southern Australia, and New Zealand. The exact cause of Multiple Sclerosis is not known and there is no known cure.



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    Document and report to your medical provider any possible MS symptoms.Some of these symptoms may include:

    • Your ability to control small movements change
    • Decreased attention span
    • Decreased coordination, as well as judgement and memory
    • People often become depressed (more so with the MS treatment)
    • Some people show a difficulty in speaking or understanding speech
    • Dizziness as well as double vision
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle spasms and muscle spasticity (especially in your arms or legs)
    • Numbness/tingling (especially in your arms, legs, and sometimes face)
    • Weakness (in your upper body strength, as well as lower body)
    • Walking/gait abnormalities
    • Slurred speech
    • Frequent need to urinate/difficulty urinating
    • Constipation
    • Eye discomfort


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