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Using Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis


Medical Marijuana is definitely a good option to take in consideration if you are a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis. As an auto-immune disease where the body’s immune system attacks the myelin around the nerve fiber in the central nervous system, scar tissue is formed and a person can suffer from mild to severe symptoms. Using medical marijuana, a person won’t just get relieve from the symptoms, but could also slow down the degeneration of the central nervous system.


The majority of sufferers from Multiple Sclerosis struggle with spasticity, tremor, pain, depression, paresthesia and anxiety. In a study done on 2007, it was found that medical marijuana was effective in treating pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis and that it even slows down the neurodegenerative progressions of the disease.


How would Medical Marijuana benefit MS?

It is found that a mix of 1:1 THC/CBD is the most effective in addressing the symptoms. If it is however not possible to get the desired mix, taking CBD tincture, CBD pills, CBD edibles or CBD drinks would help control the symptoms. It is advisable to take about 30 mg per day.

–       Vaporizing – It is better to vaporize as it doesn’t burn the marijuana and wouldn’t release toxins that can cause lung problems. Burning marijuana when smoking also destroys some of the healing properties of cannabinoids

-`   Juicing – Juicing is a great way to deal with inflammation and pain and has the benefit that you won’t get “high”. When juicing, you get the raw form of THC and CBD. For Multiple Sclerosis you would like to use strains high in CBD for best results.


In a nutshell- what would Medical Marijuana be useful for? –

Anti-inflammatory – As an anti-inflammatory, marijuana reduces pain working on the immune response resulting on inflammation. It is also reduces musculoskeletal pain caused by the muscle spasms.

Antispasmodic – Studies have shown that Medical Marijuana helps to reduce the frequency and severity of muscle spasms.

Anti-depressant – Even though there are discrepancies about the effect of Marijuana on depression, it is important to recognize the effect of mood regulation where cannabinoids play a major role in it.


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